The Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators (MCCTA)



  1. To promote Career and Technical Education in the State of Missouri
  2. Assist in legislation affecting Career and Technical Education on a state and national basis.
  3. Improve instructional standards and upgrade Career and Technical programs at the local level.
  4. Support the leadership in Career and Technical Education at the state and national levels.


Active membership of this council shall be open to any member of the Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education and Assocation for Career and Technical Education whose major responsibility is administration and/or supervision of:

  1. Career and Technical education, secondary or adult, in any public school system, or
  2. Public, school, comprehensive high school or career and technical center, area career and technical school, community or junior college and career and technical department heads in a college or university, or
  3. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff members, or
  4. Non-profit private career and technical school, and as may be further defined by the executive committee.